How to Get Rid of Bugs in Kitchen Cupboards

Bugs are a serious health hazard especially when they infest a kitchen. It is therefore important to get rid of them as soon as possible to avert a serious health hazard. Apart from being a serious health hazard, bugs are very disturbing and unpleasant. The presence of food in the kitchen is the main attraction for bugs, and that is why they always find their way into kitchen cupboards. As a homeowner, one can use the following tips to get rid of bugs in kitchen cupboards:

stocked kitchen pantry with food - jars and containers of cereals, jam, coffee, sugar, flour, oil, vinegar, rice

Keeping the Kitchen Clean 

Keeping the kitchen clean is a very important preventive measure in dealing with bugs as compared to poisoning them. The entire kitchen including the cupboard should be thoroughly cleaned while paying special attention to food storage areas such as the cupboard. Bleach water should be used to clean cabinet doors, counters, and all the surfaces in the kitchen. In addition, curry or liquid spills on the kitchen counters attract insects and so they should always be cleaned immediately. Dirty dishes should be cleaned immediately and stored in the right places since dirty sinks and dishes are major breeding grounds for bugs.

White Wine

Most bugs like the taste of white wine and that are why it can be a useful medium for getting rid of bugs from kitchen cupboards. Keeping a dish of white wine in the kitchen cupboard attracts bugs that dive into the wine, and in the process die because of their inability to come out of the wine. The bugs die instantly and in the process helping the homeowner to get rid of bugs.

Soap Solution Spray

The other easiest and most natural way of getting rid of buds from the kitchen is the use of soap solution spray. Any kind of soap solution in a spray bottle is an equality effective way of keeping away bugs from the kitchen cupboard. Spraying the solution on the cupboard and the kitchen counter or just splashing it on any visible bug kills them instantly.

Hanging Chalk in the Cupboard

Bugs can be kept away from the cupboard when it remains dry throughout. The use of chalk is one way of keeping the cupboard dry. This is another simple way of keeping away bugs out of the kitchen cupboard.

Appropriate Food Storage 

One more way of keeping the cupboard bug-free is proper storage of food. A kitchen cupboard is more likely to be infested if food products remain stored in it for long periods of time. It is therefore advisable to buy food in small packages that can only last for a maximum of four months to avoid attracting bugs. Food packages that have scratches, holes, or dents should be avoided as much as possible. In addition, containers with air-tight lids should be used to store dried fruit, nuts, cereals, and grains. This helps to keep the bugs away from the containers. The most suitable containers for storing such foods include; sturdy plastic, metal, and glass containers among others.