How To Get Rid of Ants In The Kitchen

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As far as household pests go, ants might be as large as mice or as devastating as termites, but they can be a huge nuisance and should be eradicated swiftly. Ants are drawn to food, so the kitchen is the primary place in your house for them to inhabit. Since ants are small and numerous, you need to use sound strategy in order to get rid of them. This is how you will get rid of ants in the kitchen.

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1. Keep a clean kitchen

A kitchen in disarray is one that’s more likely to attract ants. Having food scraps out are bound to bring in ants. Even a few crumbs could be the perfect opportunity for ants to take over. Take about ten minutes a day to clean up your kitchen. The cumulative effect means ants are more likely to leave or not come in at all.

2. Bait them

If you have ants in your house, it’s not much good to ask them politely to leave. You’ll need to find a way to trick them. One of the best ways to do this is concocting a trap with boric acid, a known ant killer, and a food source that would appeal to them, such a sugar. Place this mixture in a spot in your kitchen that you’ve seen them congregate and watch them fall for it. Remember: ants might be hard-working insects that overcome difficult obstacles, but they’re not smart enough to think before they eat.

3. Repel them

If there are ants in your kitchen, it’s because you have something that they want. (I bet you feel great about being so popular!) Therefore, getting rid of ants can be made easier by making them not want to come in. You can invest in ant repellants to spray or disperse around your kitchen. You can also use food sources that ants don’t like (believe it or not, they exist). These include cayenne pepper, ground cinnamon, and garlic.

4. Use vinegar

A bottle of white vinegar is cheap and can do wonders for you when it comes to eradicating ants. Mix it with water in a spray bottle and spray it where the ants roam. The delicate bodies of ants are no much for the composition and overwhelming odor of vinegar.

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5. Call an Exterminator

Sometimes, even the most valiant of efforts fall short, and you have to enlist the help of professionals. If you’ve tried all of the above steps and continue to find ants in your kitchen, you would be best off calling an exterminator. They will take the best steps possible to get rid of the excess ants. Since you’ve already made an effort, you’re likely to make their effort all the easier.

We hope this advice for getting rid of ants in the kitchen is helpful to you. It can be a pain to deal with these pests, but by remaining calm and acting rational, you can get rid of them.

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