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Guide on Selling your Home and Moving

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You went through the home-buying process years ago. It’s time to see how your investment has grown with a home sale. However, you’re now the seller and not the buyer. You need to follow a few steps before the property can be advertised on the open market. Take a look at this simple guide on selling your home and moving. These tips can mean the difference between a quick sale and none at all.

Spruce up the Paint

A simple yet effective way to rapidly sell your home is by adding a fresh coat of paint, reportsĀ Zillow. Be sure to focus on the interior spaces first because the buyers see these areas up close. Old or discolored paint will instantly date a home.

Your exterior paint may not need a lot of updating because it weathers nicely over the years. Consider small paint jobs on the trim, such as the fascia, front door and window borders. The paint can be a simple, white color. Its impact is huge on potential buyers as they see the details standing out as testaments to your care and diligence.

Consider Hardware Upgrades

Sell your home with the original cabinets in place by adding hardware. Door pulls and hinges are the hardware that can be swapped out for a tiny cost. The visual appeal is immediate as buyers walk into the kitchen and hallways.

Most builder’s grade cabinets come with no hardware at all. Select hardware styles that match your decor, such as modern or rural designs. Most handles shimmer under your kitchen or hallway lights, which focuses the eyes on the hardware instead of the older paint on the walls. Hardware upgrades are always welcome sights.

Choose an Experienced Agent

There’s a lot of paperwork surrounding a home sale. In fact, a lot of this paperwork revolves around legal definitions. For a successful sale, hire an experienced agent. Real-estate agents have the training and experience to move through paperwork without any problems.

You’ll be able to safeguard your sale when you understand the legal wording behind the transition. If you decide to represent yourself during the sale, mistakes can occur because you aren’t aware of the terms. Make any sale easier by turning to your agent’s expertise each day.

Look at Curb Appeal

Don’t overlook the importance of curb appeal. Mow and edge the lawn. Add in a few potted plants around the driveway. The way that the home looks from a curbside view will help buyers make a decision. The visual image of the home will be tattooed on their brains as they consider a future bid.

If some parts of the home are dated, such as the siding, try a distraction technique. Paint the front door a bold color. Red or blue might be good colors to try. The door will be the focal point instead of the outdated siding.

Plan Your Move

Every step of your move should be planned out according to a timeline, statesĀ United Van Lines. Be aware of certain items that should be completed several weeks before the move, such as forwarding mail and setting up electrical services.

Schedule your moving van too. Popular seasons tend to make moving vans scarce, including the summertime. Start to pack away items that won’t be needed in the next month or so. The packing progress also helps your open houses by removing the clutter that’s not necessary during a showing.

Try Simultaneous Escrows

On an advanced level, you might be selling and buying another home at the same time. It’s possible to do this with some careful planning. Your agent might represent you for both buying and selling, but this scenario may limit your choices. The agent can get overwhelmed.

With two different agents who specialize in buying or selling real estate, you have the leverage to complete the escrows at the same time. Simply keep everyone aware of your intentions as the open houses and bids continue on.

Moving can be a stressful time in your life, but the effort can be eased. Work with your real estate agent on a comfortable timeline for your sale. He or she does this preparation on a regular basis. The experience will be much easier with a professional’s help to guide the way.

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