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Hello Fellow Writers! If you want to be featured or write a guest post on our site, then get in touch with us because we’d love to share the love and have you on board.

But before we accept just anything there are a few things we look for in our article writers:

  1. over 1000 word articles
  2. Genuine unique content that’s going to benefit and help our readers
  3. NO SEO post
  4. You must have passion in what you’re sharing
  5. No SPAM content. This means your writing needs to be unique and 100% genuine. Help make the world a better place by sharing some decent world class content with our readers.

If you can do all those, then we would be happy to have you on board! Fill out the contact form below to get in contact.

Be sure to send us some examples first and also a letter introducing yourself and why you want to have a featured post on our site.

Look forward to working with you soon!