Getting a Removalist vs Doing It Yourself

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Before making a decision on whether to get a removalist or do the job yourself, you will have to consider a number of factors. While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, investing time and thought will help you to identify the one that matches your needs. This is why you should familiarize yourself with the entire process of moving to a new home. With the stressful and costly nature of moving, you should make a decision well before it is time to move.

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There is no doubt that moving is bound to be an expensive affair. When making a decision, you will need to take into account how much you can spend. It is important to remember that removal companies will charge you for the packing supplies, for the actual job as well as transporting your belongings. This means that you will spend more if you hire the experts as opposed to doing it yourself. Whether you get a removalist or do the job yourself, you should set aside some money for unexpected additional costs.

Doing the job without professional help will involve looking for a moving van, shopping for the necessary packing materials, dismantling electronics and furniture, packing, unpacking and rearranging all the items. If you have limited time, getting a removalist to handle the process on your behalf will be very convenient. However, if you have time to do all the related activities yourself, you may want to do it with the help of friends and family.

The choice you make before moving to a new house will also be determined by the distance you will have to cover. If you have to travel a longer distance, it will take more time and effort to have a successful move. The process is also likely to be more exhausting for you. When considering distance, you may want to determine which one between time and money is more important to you.

The nature of the items to be relocated 
If the items to be relocated are fragile or heavy, you may have a difficult time if you choose to do it yourself. Removalists have the expertise, experience, and equipment to pack and move your belongings in a way that will protect them from damage. If you can handle all your belongings in a safe way, you may consider doing it yourself. However, protecting your property from damage and avoiding injuries will require you to get a removalist.

Hiring removals vs renting a van
If you choose to rent a van, you will be required to pay a specified fee, the cost of fuel as well as hire a driver. With the removals, you will have room to negotiate so that your goods are moved with someone else’s, a factor that will save you some money.

The pros and cons associated with each of the two options can help you when comparing getting a removalist vs doing it yourself. Regardless of the decision you make, you should ensure that the entire process is seamless and well-organized. Once the move is organised, ensure that you have your current property and carpets professionally cleaned to ensure maximum bond refund or sale price.

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