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Best Toys for Your Infant

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Have you ever walked into a toy store, or the toy aisle at a store, and seen all that they have available? All the colors, sounds, and light up features? It can be a tad overwhelming, and many new parents are left standing there thinking, “Do I even need any of this for my infant?”?

Let’s break down of the best toys for infants (at the best prices!). This will help give you some guidance and cut down on that overwhelm when you step into the toy aisle!

Baby Playmats
Playmats are some of the most popular baby items on the market, and they are definitely a must have for your infant! Gym mats are great from the time you first bring your baby home until well after they are crawling and mobile. They offer so many development opportunities for your child, as well. Most play mats come with toys that are able to dangle in front and beside them, which is great for babies as they are working to develop their eyesight. Playmats also have varying textures and colors to help sensory development. They typically come with flaps and toys on the actual mat which encourages tummy time, also essential for infant development. Baby playmats come in all different price ranges, so they’re the perfect toy for every family.

Infant Music Toys
There are varying types of musical toys available for infants, but specifically an Einstein take along music box that kids love! Little music toys like this are so great to promote development as the CDC recommends playing music to your child to help brain development, as well as to help develop a love of music. The handle on the side works well to help babies learn how to grip and hold onto objects. It lights up and displays different colors, and there are colored beads on the side that encourage play and movement. These toys are incredibly affordable, and they’re the perfect toy to take on the go that can entertain your baby at a really young age.

Teething Toys
Teething toys are a really great toy for infants! Babies start chewing and trying to put things in their mouth very early on, so these silicone toys are a great option! They feel good on the gums, and most teether toys can be held by the infant, which promotes gripping and holding by him or herself. These can be incredibly inexpensive and come in all different varieties so you can really choose one based on you and your babies preference.

Soft Books
Soft books can be a perfect toy for infants! This one in particular was noted to be one of the top products for babies. Often times, soft books will be filled with little beads or tissue paper so that there is texture or a crinkly sound, both of which are great for sensory development. Many textures can also be used on the various pages, though there may only be 2-3. It’s also never too early for a child to start developing a love for books, and having one in their hands from infancy will hopefully encourage a love of books throughout their childhood. These are usually priced pretty cheap, as well, making them another great option for all families.

Rattles are one of the more traditional toys that have been around for a long time, but they are being reestablished to provide more developmental opportunities for babies, like with these owl rattles. These rattles have textured areas to help make it easier for babies to grip, which allows them to practice that skill. They also have varying colors for eyesight. They shake, which helps to stimulate audio perception and hearing. Since the rattles make noise when the baby shakes it, it also begins to teach the infant the concept of cause and effect. All of these things are essential to baby development, so rattles are an amazing option to give to your child! You can buy incredibly advanced rattles these days, or keep it more simple, so varying price points are present.

Buying toys for an infant can be overwhelming. Infants are more limited in their toy play at the beginning of their life, however, 2-3 months into life, babies begin looking for a little more stimulation, and the toys above are excellent options to begin to promote play and healthy development in your child.

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